History of the "WOMPUS"

The legend of the Wompus monster can be traced back to the early 1900's, through the tellings of farmers from the Bayous of Louisianna, to South Carolina. The late spring to late fall time has him living in the hills of South Carolina. But as the weather cools, he makes his way down to the warm swamps of southern Louisianna. No one knows where he came from, why he is here, what his intentions are, or if HE is really a "HE", as we'll refer to IT.

Being spotted on the farm of Bob Smalley in the early 1950's, it's presumed that he set up his living quarters somewhere in the thick batch of woods covering more than 200 acres. Here, he made his diet out of raw meat and hot blood of the local animals. Other farmers surrounding Smalley also had encounters with this "thing" that is said to be 12-14 ft tall, and thought to be a decendant of a monster found in England in the early 1400's.

This "BEAST" is said to have a head the size of a buffalo, with face like a wolf, and long razor sharp teeth and claws that can tear through tough hide with ease. He also has 2 large golden colored horns surrounded by 6 small ones. With its incredible size and strength, this beast could run down an adult cow, slay it, and carry it back to its den located in the part of Smalley's farm now known as "Wompus Woods". Here in these woods, several brave hunters have gone in search for what would be the grandest trophy of all, but none returned and the "Wompus" has never been captured.

Even though legend has it as being over 100 years old, it or decendent of it, has been sighted in these woods several times over the past 15 years. Its also told that if you ever come upon this creature, or he come upon you, you will never have the chance to tell of your face-to-face encounter. The one big red glowing eye of the Wompus is as sharp as any laser weapon known to man. So rest assure, if you ever do see the Wompus, even from afar, he has seen you, and its his decision whether you walk out of those woods or not.

Yes he was spotted in Wompus Woods as recent as this past summer, sitting on the edge of the upper swamp. He looked to be feasting on an adult deer, tearing away the raw meat with ease. And no, he didn't share. So be careful as you walk through these woods and be aware of the "Chill" that will roll down your spine, to the tips of your fingers and toes. At that moment, take a close look around, because you are being watched, and your life is no longer in your own hands, but in the hands of the beast we call the "WOMPUS". With that, there is no reason to run and hide, for he will hunt you down, and make you his next meal. So consider yourself lucky to make it out of these woods alive.

We at "Wompus Woods" never promise you WILL or WILL NOT see the Wompus, but for your sake, we hope you don't. We just offer the chance for you to walk through the same woods the "Wompus" does. One word of advice, don't come alone. Bring a group of friends and don't stray off the path. As you walk deeper and deeper into "Wompus Woods", you will understand this warning and why we say "Wompus Woods" is where......



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