Message From: "The WOMPUS FAMILY,"

Since 1997, we've been able to put together, one of the largest and scariest Haunted Trails in the Southeast. The trail now covers close over 16 acres, with parking, and easy in, easy out routes for your convenience. The Trail operates on selected days, typically beginning on the first weekend in October. Make sure to check our schedule to see which days we are open. We have a small canteen and several port-a-johns for your conscience.

We will always have Deputy Sheriff Officers on duty and we have an armed security force working the woods as to offer assistance and protection as you travel these Deep Dark Woods of constant fright. When you arrive, purchase your ticket and step right up. As always, in case you do not want to wait in line, we have VIP tickets available for an additional fee. This ticket will entitle you to go to the front of any waiting. On the weekdays, due to smaller crowds, the in-line wait is rarely more than a 15 min. On the weekends, with a larger crowd, the wait-time each night can not be approximated. However, the typical wait time during these busy periods is around 30-45 minutes (but can vary). Rest assured, we WILL get you in the door and we do move groups into the woods at a steady pace.

Most times, it's buy a ticket, and then, hang on to your Heart.

The trail takes approximately 35 to 45 minutes to complete and the Fright is plentiful. WARNING, this is no two minute trail! No turning back, once the entrance door is slammed shut! From the dark mazes, to cave, and all the other surprises that Wompus Woods dishes out at you, the adventure is awesome. The "WOMPUS," well, we've seen him in person, or should we say, in huge form, only 4 times in the last few years. However, with every time you take, there's always a chance he is watching. Read the History of the WOMPUS and then you'll have to decide if you still want to chance it.

If you still insist on chancing your fate, then welcome, because we absolutely love to throw everything that we can at you, up to the point that the Law will allow, or that your poor ole soul can take. Don't be a little surprised at a the sound of a few chainsaws, they are wonderful tools that can cut the biggest trees down and, drown out the horrible Screams that fills these woods after dark. The chattering sound you hear is probably you and your friends teeth as you go deeper and deeper in the forest where the "WOMPUS" claims. You will come in contact with a few Goblins, Creatures, Beast, and , "Oh my GOD," who knows what.

These Creatures are all volunteers who had rather slice your Heart out than sleep. Ever tried to crawl thru the woods, without arms or legs, and leaving a bloody trail? Still wanta chance it??

ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK... WOMPUS WOODS IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY ACCIDENTS Like all places open to the public, there has to be rules to LIVE by... We don't allow alcohol or intoxicated people at Wompus Woods. This is a FUN place and a SCARY place. Remember, it's open to everyone, families, church groups, college groups, high school and all grade students and anyone else, hoping to get the wits scared out of them. If Wompus Woods doesn't scare you, face it, you're already dead. Coming with groups are the most fun as you get to laugh at each other but if you are only a couple or an individual, we'll put you in a group so you don't chance it alone.

Once you enter the Trail, which is done at your own risk, absolutely no cell phones on and please, keep all belongings secured as things tend to fall out of your pockets as you scamper around these woods. We abide by a strict "No Smoking" policy in these woods at all times. No fires permitted and no kind of lights what so ever can be used. (Maybe just the full moon light will be permitted.) No Eating or drinking on trail and no getting off the assigned path. If You are walking please, wear shoes with good bottoms and snake bite resistance. Naturally, there are briars in the woods along with sticks, roots, and rocks. So it's a very good idea to wear long pants.

SAFETY, is Wompus Woods number 1 priority and the Fire and Rescue Teams are only minutes away. Since the woods is outside, the weather plays a major role. If it's foggy or misty rain, it's even scarier. If is a steady, medium rain, then the trail will most likely not open. You can call the numbers provided to check. If it is a heavy rain, the trail will close and should a thunder storm pop up, then everyone must leave the woods at once. Lightening doesn't play games and neither do we, period. Absolutely, NO umbrellas are allowed in the trail at anytime. Just way to dangerous!


It's not worth going to jail and we do prosecute this behavior. Remember, you're here for fun and it's not fun to get punched, kicked, or hurt in any way.

Please use common sense at all time.

Be considerate of your friends, neighbors, and Wompus Woods. We're here so you can have a super fun place to take your friends. Help us keep it that way.

If you knowingly violate the rules, you will be asked to leave, at any point and absolutely no refund will be provided. If you survive and you liked the fright, please tell your friends so Wompus Woods can continue to grow and offer you such a frightful experience. If you don't like it, tell a supervisor or someone on duty at Wompus Woods. We can make things better, but sometimes we just don't know that there is a problem until someone points it out. Remember, not everything will scare everyone, all the time, some things scare some more than others and some, well, like I said earlier, they're just Brain Dead and nothing can wake them up. But you can be assured, we'll scare most and we'll do it with the hopes that you'll tell a few friends and maybe bring them back and let us scare their pants off, too...

Good Luck and we'll be PRAYING FOR YOU TO MAKE IT OUT.....



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